CDL understands that value for money is a core principle of any procurement.


CDL has an extensive understanding of the fundamental principles and detailed elements of the procurement process which has been accumulated through our individual and collective experience in supporting organisations through the procurement process.  


CDL has advised numerous public and private sector organisations in the structuring, drafting and evaluation of tenders. 


Engagements CDL staff have successfully undertaken include:

  • Development of tender documentation, draft contracts and undertaking evaluation for the MDN, EAS and MMR emergency services telecommunications projects
  • Development of tender documentation and evaluation of submissions for the Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance Broadband Connect Project
  • Royal Women’s Hospital Redevelopment, a public-private partnership
  • Developing Request for Tender documentation for the Whole of Government Radio Network for the Tasmanian Department of Police and Public Safety
  • Preparation of a tender brief, evaluation criteria and the evaluation of bids for the Office of Housing’s selection of a Social Housing Home Loan Program Manager
  • Evaluating tenders for the procurement of aerial fire-fighting services for the Australasian Fire Authorities Council
  • Analysis of financial and commercial details of bidder submissions to Coliban Water with respect to three different public-private partnership infrastructure projects
  • Financial and commercial evaluation of initial expressions of interest submitted by bidders, development of tender documentation and development of the VicTrack benchmark to be used to determine value for money, with respect to obtaining private sector participation in the provision of a fibre optic cable network
  • Consultation on procurement tenders for the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board